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Number of Classrooms Matching Selected Criteria: 145
BuildingCapacityPriority Scheduling By
Chemistry Building 123 30Registrar (GPC)
Chemistry Building 124 30Registrar (GPC)
Chemistry Building 126 30Registrar (GPC)
Chemistry Building 128 37Registrar (GPC)
Chemistry Building 432 26Registrar (GPC)
Chemistry Building 434 24Registrar (GPC)
Computer Science Building 2116 10Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 001 266Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 131 78Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 069 50Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 079 50Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 177 23Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 181 34Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 183 34Registrar (GPC)
Earth And Space Sciences Bl 081 24Registrar (GPC)
Engineering Building 143 183Registrar (GPC)
Engineering Building 145 183Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 328 38Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 305 52Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 309 52Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 313 52Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 316 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 317 60Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 326 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 216 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 217 52Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 222 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 224 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 226 32Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 301 60Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 105 60Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 112 30Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 119 192Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 201 60Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 205 60Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 211 52Registrar then Department (PS-GPC)
Frey Hall 100 250Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 102 250Registrar (GPC)
Frey Hall 104 250Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 137 217Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 104 62Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 108 62Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 111 48Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 112 62Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 115 25Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 116 62Registrar (GPC)
Harriman Hall 320  Registrar (GPC)
Heavy Engineering - Phase 1 201 72Registrar (GPC)
Heavy Engineering Lab 201 72Registrar (GPC)
Humanities 1003 119Registrar (GPC)